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Getting Started With MongoMapper and Rails printed:almost 6 years ago

"I have had a few requests for tips on getting started with MongoDB and Rails so I thought I would drop some quick knowledge. It is actually really easy to get going, but Rails always does everything for you so when something comes along that doesn’t, you sometimes feel lost."

rails mongomapper_demo
cd mongomapper_demo
"Now that your Rails shell is created, let’s add MongoMapper to the mix. Open up environment.rb. First, configure it as a gem, then remove ActiveRecord from the mix, and lastly, point it at a database." ...continue reading

The Lowdown on Routes in Rails 3 printed:about 5 years ago

Stop! I’d like to tell you something important, but it may be a bit shocking, so you should probably have a seat. Here goes: everything you knew about working with routes in Rails 2… is history! With Rails 3, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves, unlearn what you learned, and route the new way around. And this time, it’s faster, cleaner and a lot more Ruby-like. In this post, we’ll walk through the underpinnings of Routes in Rails 3. They’ve been rewritten—for good reason—and after we get through the explanation, I’m confident you’ll agree. Let’s start by looking at some code; here’s the new DSL, in its full glory: ...continue reading